Gregory Ross Gillett     1954 - 2001
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  Sharon Trewren delivered this eulogy at Greg's funeral.

For Greg Gillett

"I am speaking today because Greg asked me to and I made him a promise that I would.

Greg told me over a year ago that if he died tomorrow that he would die with a smile on his face knowing that he had achieved so much and that he had in his own words  had a privileged life and been given some extraordinary opportunities .

Like - learning Tibetan medicine from the Dali Lama’s physician.

Like - learning classical piano from a renowned Russian soloist.

Being privileged to watch operations with orthopaedic surgeons.

To name just a few opportunites.

From my perspective, knowing how Greg struggled all his life for every breath he took this was such an amazing way for him to view his life.

He told me the Chinese had a philosophy that the more you suffered the more insight you got in to the human spirit and the more understanding of human endeavors you gained. Greg certainly had understanding of people. He never judged, he accepted people for who they were, what they were and always gave love and compassion, he acknowledged people's weaknesses and complimented them on their strengths.

Greg was truly amazing and his whole life was dedicated to helping and serving others. He lived to work and if he couldn’t work believed he was not helping people.

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