Gregory Ross Gillett     1954 - 2001
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  From Sharon Trewren's eulogy delivered at Greg's funeral.

Last illness

The last few months had been the worst Greg had gone through he even said Shaz this is the sickest Ive ever been and for Greg to say that given all he had been through highlights what he endured.

While in hospital he was not concerned for himself he was worried about, his mother and father, his sister, brother in law Doug, Scott, Melissa, Nadia and he was so looking forward to the birth of his great niece Indiana.

If anything happened Greg asked me to thank them for all their loving support and to especially thank Sue and Doug for the last few months he was so proud of both of you. Greg said "I could not have had a more wonderful sister I am truly lucky".

He also asked me to ask people not to mourn for him but to celebrate all he achieved and he asked me to tell you what he told me when my own Dad died.

He told me "The Chinese have a saying... they mourn a birth and celebrate a death."

The idea behind that is that your suffering has just begun when you are born and you have a lifetime of it in front of you, when you die you are released from the suffering and there is no more pain.

He also wanted me to pass on that while ever you hold a memory of the person you love in your heart they are never gone they will always be there with you.

I for one will always have a special place in my heart for Greg.

I would like to finish with a poem for Greg.

Greg you were Very Special
Our friendship was a valued gift.
Weve shared laughter and tears
And enjoyed special moments,
Weve been there for one another,
Encouraged and consoled each other,
And as I look back my heart is filled with warmth for a very special friendship
Goodbye my dear friend, you will be sadly missed.