Gregory Ross Gillett     1954 - 2001
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  From Sharon Trewren's eulogy delivered at Greg's funeral.

Martial Arts

The only time Clarice and Ross wanted to stop Greg from doing something was when he wanted to take up martial arts on the advice of a doctor they were told this would kill him. Greg used to refer to this doctor as Buddha and used to say Shaz he was called that not because of his enlightenment... so I will leave you to guess why?

Gregís answer to all this was well Iíll die doing something I love. Again he got the support from his family to follow his dream.

Years later specialists would tell his family that this learned deep breathing and meditation was the reason Greg had prolonged his life and restrained some of the damage on his lungs.

Greg fought long and hard to be accepted into college to study pathology hematology while there he excelled once again and found himself being offered the chance to switch and study medicine unfortunately his health would not allow this and although his marks were outstanding he declined.

At the age of 19 Greg actually died and was resuscitated.

This only made Greg more determined to achieve all he could and be the best he could be.

We have Sue to thank for Gregís dramatic career change.

All the years of Martial arts had made Gregís knee weak and unstable and as all the conventional treatments had failed drugs were looking like the only answer. Sue suggested Greg try acupuncture. He was reluctant to go. Sue took him and also went in with him. Greg was amazed how could a few needles work at giving pain relief, take the swelling down and improve the movement.

Greg had to find out about this so he gave up his pathology and begun studying oriental medicine.

Oriental Medicine