Gregory Ross Gillett     1954 - 2001
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  From Sharon Trewren's eulogy delivered at Greg's funeral.


Greg was born with a congenital defect of the heart which developed into a syndrome known as "Eisenmenger’s". His parents were told not to send him to school that he would not reach the age of 7.

But Clarice and Ross decided that Greg was going to be treated as normally as they could and he was going to school.

Greg used to tell me how pleased he was that they had done that, as he would never have stood being treated like glass or wrapped up in cotton wool. His mum used to joke that she sent Greg to school to protect him.

Greg had a genius IQ and even as a toddler had to find out how things worked he used to stick things in to power points, and delighted in hiding under the table or under a chair and when his mother was busy vacuuming he would turn off the vacume or pull the cord out from the wall.

Greg used to tease his mother and say she only sent me to school to get some peace.

This condition of Greg’s meant he was not allowed to play sport or experience any physical or emotional shocks as this could kill him instantly.

Well Greg would be tucked up in bed and his sister and brother would crawl in on their hands and knees then pop up beside the bed and scare Greg. Greg used to say "they scared the crap out of me".

But he never dobbed and it wasn’t until he was an adult that his parents ever learned what used to happen at night in his room.

But to Greg this was great it was normal and typical older siblings picking on younger ones. It was part of being a family.

Out of these fun evenings came a bond especially with his sister that was strong and unique. A bond, which Greg cherished dearly.

I might add even though Sue first tried to shock the life out of Greg she would then read and play with him for hours.

While at school Greg got caned and he used to say how happy he was that his parents never came to the school or complained to the teachers. His mother told him he probably deserved it.
Greg believed this made him accepted as one of the boys as an individual with a health problem and not as some wimpy kid with whingy parents.

I might add he used to laugh about what he got up to at school. With his chemistry set he could turn 2-cent pieces silver and then used them at the canteen or bartered them with the other boys. He hypnotized some of his classmates he never said what he did to them or got them to do. I always wondered?
Plus he rubbished religion and in a Catholic boys schools that was not considered proper. He had already discovered Buddhism.

While he learned music his parents learned to firstly watch TV while Greg played the drums in the room next door then they got used to a full band rehearsing while they listened to the news.
Greg again felt totally supported by his family and never forgot these little moments.

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