Gregory Ross Gillett     1954 - 2001
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  From Sharon Trewren's eulogy delivered at Greg's funeral.

Thinking of Others

Even last Sunday when Greg and I were talking on the phone most of the conversation was not about how he felt, it was his concern for his patients and how would they get on because he said "Iím so tired that I donít see myself practicing for a while." Hhe was trying to organise another practitioner to help him for a little while.

Greg did not want us to mourn him, but celebrate his life and acknowledge what he achieved.

As a result of this we are all here today because Greg touched each one of us in a unique way. He was the most caring giving and loving man.

His range of interest was immense and that is evident from all the different people who are here, there are
  • medical practitioners
  • nurses
  • pharmacists
  • natural therapists
  • acupuncturists
  • sports medicine people
  • NLP practitioners
  • musicians
  • sports people including world surfers, motor cross, professional bike riders, all three codes of football including his loved Parramatta rugby union
  • martial artists
  • fellow transplant people
  • family
  • friends
  • and patients.
Each one of us if asked could tell of a different experience a different way Greg related to each one of us, but all with the same sentiment - his caring, his compassion, his love and understanding.

We all knew that Greg had three loves Medicine, Music and Martial arts but he had a fourth love and that was his family and he wanted me to impart to them how much he loved them and how grateful to them he was for all their love and support. This allowed him to develop into the wonderful man he was.